Our brand name is derived from the ‘Tul’ of Tulips and ‘io’ of input-output

Tul  +  IO

Our journey began in 1990, under the brand name Tulips, offering bespoke services for curtains and blinds to a discerning clientele. Started as a passion project by home maker Raajkumarri Mutha, Tulips quickly became the brand of choice for the architects and interior designers community.

In its new avatar, Tulio is the new, technology enabled, design-led, made-to-measure model focusing completely on servicing the needs of its architect and interior designer community by providing textile solutions to further enhance the beautiful spaces they design.

Founder's Note

The experience that my team and I have gathered at Tulips while working on thousands of residences and hotels over the years is what has culminated into ‘Tulio’

Tulio is more than a curtains and blinds brand - it is a lifestyle that embodies an appreciation of great design, of little details, of ethical fabrics, of artists and craftsmen who put their everything into the products we create.

The soul and spirit of Tulio are based on our proprietary design products and perfected service delivery. How effortlessly these products blend with the beautiful structures created by the best minds in design is something I’m really proud of.

I hope all our architect and interior designer partners from across the world enjoy using the Tulio platform and homeowners draw inspiration and allow us to add a little bit of our essence into their lives.

Raajkumarri Mutha