Our Pricing Model

Uncompromising attention to detail, visionary design, heartfelt customer focus, and audacious innovation.

No Discount Policy

At Tulio, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products at fair and honest prices, which is why we’ve adopted a No Discount Policy. We believe our merchandise delivers excellent value without the need to slash prices. However, we understand the importance of competitive pricing. That being said, we value the investment our customers make in us, therefore, if you find an identical item with the same design and quality at a lower price elsewhere, we commit to matching that price. Rest assured, our dedication to customer satisfaction is unwavering, ensuring you receive the best possible value when you work with us.

Our Components

The meticulously selected building blocks that unite to craft the impeccable convergence of form and function in our finished curtains and blinds.



We carefully select our fabrics based on their texture and the high-quality materials used in their production. With a diverse range of over 250 fabrics, we provide ample options for you to discover the perfect match. Each fabric has its distinct touch, feel, and fibre composition, contributing to variations in cost due to the differences in materials.



The choice of heading will impact the quantity of fabric needed and the time required for cutting, pinning, and sewing, thereby influencing the final price. Wave headings, for example, necessitate twice the amount of fabric as the final width measurement, while American Pleat or Pinch Pleat headings require 2.5 times more. If you have any uncertainties, feel free to reach out to our team or consult our heading guide to identify the perfect one for your style.



Tailored curtains and blinds are precisely crafted to meet your preferences and requirements. Whether you prefer blackout, dimout, or unlined options, purchasing from us ensures that you get exactly what you desire, and the price you pay reflects this customization. Keep in mind that adding lining to a curtain involves labor-intensive processes, making it slightly more expensive than opting for an unlined option.



At Tulio, each thread is a testament to our commitment to exquisite detail and exceptional quality. These slender strands—rigorously selected for their strength, color fidelity, and texture—are the architectural pillars that form our curtains and blinds. The quality of our threads sets the stage for the overall resilience, beauty, and the tactile delight of our products.


Cut & Sew

Our skilled artisans, akin to seasoned conductors, delicately cut the uniquely woven fabrics. The cutting process is both a technical skill and an exercise in aesthetic judgement, where a millimetre’s shift could potentially alter the finished appearance.

The stitching process, on the other hand, binds everything together. Our artisans apply their seasoned expertise to ensure durable, neat stitches that subtly blend into the backdrop, becoming almost invisible to the untrained eye.


Value Addition & Craftsmanship

Value Addition underpins the soul of Tulio’s products, where intricate embroideries, masterful fabric manipulations, and striking prints render designs onto fabrics. Each piece goes through a meticulous process of design, careful selection of high-quality materials, intricate cutting and stitching, and precise fittings. This amounts to an elevated level of complexity and labor invested into each product, championed by our seasoned artisans who imbue each piece with their time-honored skills and devotion to the craft.


Curtain Rails

Our precision-engineered curtain rails are crafted for durability and smooth functionality, to ensure a flawless and effortless experience.