Luxury Blinds Collection

Classic Roman Blinds, made to measure for each window. At Tulio, we have mastered the classic elements of the original Roman blind design, tailoring it to meet the unique requirements of the modern home.

Why Tulio for Blinds?

Established as Tulips in 1990, Tulio has been crafting fine soft furnishings for over three decades to aid our Architect and Interior Designer Community. Through an ongoing dialogue with craftsmen and textile designers, who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of value-added curtains and blinds, Tulio’s design library takes from distinct cultures and reimagines them through unconventional techniques and masterful craftsmanship.

At the forefront of everything we do design. The Tulio design team is also charged with creating exclusive embroideries and prints to sit alongside its patterns and textured weaves. Scouring all four corners of the globe, their keen eye takes in a range of eclectic influences to ensure each design represents the finest in contemporary Roman Blinds.

At Tulio, care and attention to detail don’t simply stop once we’ve selected the perfect fabric. Next, we turn our attention inwards to the finer details. We understand the importance of finishing touches to the discerning customer. Thus, in order to preserve the traditions of the Roman Blind, each and every inclination of the needle is backed with intention and each Blind has a sense of individuality as well as an elegant finish.

A Tulio Roman blind is the result of meticulous attention to detail, combining various components to create a flawless, visually appealing product. In ancient times, a damp cloth was all that separated homes from the outside world. Fortunately, modern homeowners have access to more refined options, and Tulio's collection strives to be at the forefront of meeting those needs.