Luxury Curtains Collection

Luxury curtains that combine class, elegance and quality to create sophisticated, exclusive atmospheres. The purest expression of sartorial excellence is conveyed through the crafting of fine fabrics, where decorations are combined with exquisite embroidery and sophisticated details to redesign environments, transforming them into luxurious spaces of timeless beauty.

Why Tulio for Curtains?

Established as Tulips in 1990, Tulio has been crafting fine soft furnishings for over three decades to aid our Architect and Interior Designer Community. Through an ongoing dialogue with craftsmen and textile designers, who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of value-added curtains and blinds, Tulio’s design library takes from distinct cultures and reimagines them through unconventional techniques and masterful craftsmanship.

An interweaving of yarns, textures and color brings to life a myriad of possibilities in the form of made to measure curtains. Each stitch and motif, every pattern and pleat is the result of a rich dialogue between our in-house team and our clients.

At Tulio, each curtain has a story and every story takes you on a journey.  We take pride in translating a vision into art through quality craftsmanship.

Perfect measurements are the basis of well-finished curtains. We have a ground support team across most locations and our technician conducts site surveys for accurate measurements.

Our hotel-grade curtains can withstand commercial laundering and are made to keep fire safety, stain resistance, and housekeeping needs in mind.