Bespoke - Privilege of Personalisation

Bespoke by Tulio, savors the privilege of personalisation, albeit at a marginally higher cost.

Bespoke Journey

With over three decades of experience in the industry, our skilled artisans possess the expertise to meticulously transform your design vision into an exquisite curtain or blind. Tulio Bespoke opens up a world of possibilities, where traditional motifs and contemporary forms alike come to life through the delicate intricacies of our craftsmanship.



We ignite the process with a design consultation, a symbiosis of your vision and our expertise. This shared platform paves the way for your design aspirations to transform into a tangible treatment plan for your windows.



Next, we carry out our precise measurements. Our experienced team ensures a flawless fit for your window treatments, capturing your window measurements with the finesse of a symphony conductor.



Post consultation and measurement, we present you with a detailed, transparent quotation. Each nuance, each stitch, and the quality of materials involved in creating your bespoke window treatment is explained, underscoring our value of candid communication and customer satisfaction.



Now begins the enchanting stage of bespoke construction. Traditional techniques weave through threads infused with your distinctive style. Each element of your vision materialises, reflecting our devotion to impeccable craftsmanship.



The Tulio journey culminates in our professional installation. Your windows evolve to a work of art that articulates your taste, your style in every perfectly poised pleat and stitch.

Bespoke Windows

We’ve serviced some well- known names, who have allowed us to showcase our capabilities.

Lightweight Sheer Curtains
Three-Pinch Pleat Luxury Curtains
Breezy Sheer Curtains in a Luxury Villa
Villa in Dubai Hills
Plain Curtains in Wave Pleat
Double Heighted Curtains in a Modern Belgian Home
Applique abstract curtain panel
A curtain featuring embroidered Palm Trees in a bedroom.
Three-Pinch Pleat Embroidered Curtains
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